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Every year in Orange County there are 35,000 reports of suspected child abuse, neglect or abandonment. Many of these children wind up in the foster care system. Having experienced horrific abuse, these children try to survive emotionally and academically; however, the results are not good.

As many as 46% of foster teens do not have a high school diploma and close to 50% will experience homelessness after their 18th birthdays. Some foster children have lived in 10 or more homes and attended as many as 15 different schools. Each school change creates another setback for a child who is rarely equipped to do work at their grade level. The lack of stability and consistency has a negative impact for years to come.

Today, Orangewood Children’s Foundation is responding to this critical need by embarking on a campaign to provide the funding necessary to build and open a high-performing, college-preparatory public charter high school, The Academy. The Academy will accommodate residential living for 80 foster teens. The total student body, both day students and those in residence, will be 480 foster, underserved and community youth.

The anticipated outcomes will be significant, achieving The Academy’s mission to provide a transformational learning environment to foster, underserved and community teens, offering consistency, stability, support, and a community in which to belong, thrive, and grow into responsible, independent adults.

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